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About Us

TOPDOG Comfit was established in 2013 by Gail Parker-Morris and is a Brisbane based business.  The TOPDOG Comfit orthopedic dog bed supports the pressure points and provides relief to problem areas, improving the quality of life for the family dog which suffers from:

canine arthritis;
joint or muscle pain;
hip dysplasia;
restricted movement;
post-operative surgery; or
has a thin and bony frame 

I have had dogs all my life – dogs are very loyal, loving and intuitive and are a great source of infinite, selfless love. 

These are my beautiful dogs Bo (on the right) who passed away aged 16 years old and Sam (on the left) who was 15 years old when she passed away, both truly very much loved family members.  


Bo is a cross Kelpie/Labrador and came from the RSPCA at 14 months of age to join me and my best mate “Sam” who was a cross Border Collie/Kelpie.  Both dogs were agile throughout their younger lives but as Sam aged she developed canine arthritis.  It was awful to see Sam struggle to get up and down from her bed; her movements were restricted by pain.  

TOPDOG Comfit has worked towards developing a comfortable and supportive orthopedic dog bed that targets the pressure points, providing pain relief and support for your family dog during its sleeping hours.

A high density 4lb memory foam topper bonded together with a furniture grade support foam was developed by TOPDOG Comfit to provide the best support and not bottom out under the dog’s weight.  

Sam also had kidney problems and would occasionally wet her bed.  Therefore, a removeable water resistant liner was developed together with a plush micro suede cover.  I found most covers tend to grab the hair, not so with the micro suede fabric, this allowed the dog hair to be easily brushed off.

I really value your feedback, please provide your thoughts and ideas on the product and services.  I look forward to hearing from you.