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Have you made the best dog bed choice? 

TOPDOG Comfit gives real orthopedic support

TOPDOG Comfit memory foam technology has been carefully researched and developed in response to the lack of true orthopedic dog beds on the market. Whether you’re after a large dog bed or a smaller size, see the facts below on the best dog bed available today.      

NASA researched, locally developed 

First developed by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, memory foam has since proven very valuable medically - especially in combating bedsores and gangrene in bedridden patients. True memory foam is a slow recovery visco elastic substance which quickly reacts with body warmth to double surface contact area. Pressure is decreased on the bony regions and blood flow is increased.

Further to TOPDOG Comfit's research and development in 2013, this Brisbane-based manufacturer can now offer you all the benefits of this advanced technology for true canine sleep, comfort and support. 

Essential spinal support for all dogs

It’s not just older dogs with ailments such as inflammation, arthritis and restricted movement that benefit from the TOPDOG Comfit memory foam dog beds, younger dogs can also benefit as a preventative measure.  You’ll know yourself that if you sleep on an inferior and uncomfortable mattress you’ll tend to develop muscular aches and spinal problems. So why should your dog be any different? 
Here are just some of the reasons why a TOPDOG Comfit memory foam bed should be your first choice for your dog’s health and wellbeing:

Truly orthopedic, unlike most brands
Made from authentic, certified non-toxic memory foam
Contours to your dog’s body shape, evenly distributing weight across the bed, eliminating pressure points and reducing pain
High quality 4lb density memory foam topper bonded with furniture grade support foam, this means your TOPDOG Comfit bed doesn’t ‘bottom out’. 
XSmall size: 4  cm memory foam topper bonded to 6cm furniture grade foam totalling a depth of 10cm
Small, Medium and Large sizes:  5.1 cm memory foam topper bonded to 7.6 cm furniture grade foam totalling a depth of 12.7cm 
Xlarge size:  7.6cm memory foam topper bonded to 10.2cm furniture grade foam totalling a depth of 17.8cm
Perfect for post-surgery rehabilitation and inflammatory complaints such as arthritis
Offers long term spinal benefits and support for all dogs of all ages, whether ailing or not
Water resistant, breathable, replaceable liner 
Washable Microsuede replaceable covers in a choice of 3 designer colours; Moroccan Blue, Rainforest Olive and Warm Taupe.

Certified toxin-free authentic memory foam

Your quality TOPDOG Comfit memory foam is guaranteed free from harmful chemicals and substances.
TOPDOG Comfit memory foam is completely free from the following toxins:

Formaldehyde (a human carcinogen)
Phthalates (a plasticizer used to soften PVC)
PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a manufactured plastic)
BPA (a carbon-based synthetic)

The microsuede cover is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Tested for Harmful Substances.

Plus TOPDOG Comfit dog bedding is made from true high density orthopedic memory foam, not the commonly-used cheap polyurethane substitutes such as:

Convoluted foam
Egg crate foam
Foam chips 
Shredded memory foam
Recycled and polyester fibre and batting

Like to know more about the very best dog beds?
If you have any more questions about why TOPDOG Comfit extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large dog beds are among the very best available, please contact us by email or call us in Australia on (07) 3392 8831 or 0400765586. Or you can simply shop now