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Give your family dog the best sleep possible with a contouring, non-toxic memory foam bed – providing true orthopedic care

10 reasons why the TOPDOG Orthopedic beds will assist your dog:

  • has a depth of 12.7cm or 17.8cm, high density non-toxic memory foam and support foam;
  • a water resistant liner for incontinent dogs;
  • micro-suede cover for easy cleaning;
  • distributes his or her weight evenly across the bed;
  • allows your dog to stretch out;
  • eliminates pain to the pressure points;
  • promotes a healthy sustained rest;
  • added support foam to stop sinking to the floor and bottoming out;
  • certified to environmental, health and safety standards;
  • lasts for years.


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Luxury memory foam dog beds - quality guaranteed

True orthopedic care for your dog 

Is your dog 
getting on in years? 
Have arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pain or other inflammatory disease? 
Need post-operative care? 
Or, like you, simply needs proper sleeping support for optimum health and wellbeing?

Unlike inferior brands, TOPDOG Comfit orthopedic dog beds use proven visco elastic foam technology which is commonly known as memory foam and are supported by high grade furniture foam, providing that extra supporting and not allowing the bed to "bottom out".  So give your best friend the proper spinal care and sleep quality they really need.   

Orthopedic dog beds for maximum comfort, real support

Most dog bedding products are constructed from the common polyurethane foam found in packing products such as:-  

High memory fibre fill 
scrap foam 
egg crate corrugated foam. 

Cheap types of foam such as these have their greatest recovery pressure points at the very areas where your dog’s body sinks most deeply - the hips, shoulders and leg joints. These substandard upward-pushing materials restrict blood circulation to such vital areas, causing increased discomfort and health problems. 

The authentic high density memory foam used in TOPDOG Comfit dog beds actually contours to your dog’s body shape, evenly distributing his or her weight across the bed. Pressure points are eliminated, reducing pain and promoting a healthy, sustaining rest.

Sleep therapy for all dogs

TOPDOG Comfit memory foam dog beds are not only a must for older dogs - particularly those with:-
Canine arthritis
Hip dysplasia
Joint pain
Restricted movement
Post surgery needs

The bed is also invaluable as it will assist in the prevention of possible future health problems in younger dogs, even puppies. A top quality TOPDOG Comfit dog bed is actually comfortable and supportive enough for a baby to sleep on! You wouldn’t be without your own quality mattress support, so why expect your best canine friend to sleep on anything less?

Clean, safe and environmentally friendly

Your dog’s TOPDOG Comfit memory foam mattress is constructed from certified non-toxic memory foam  and is supported by a high grade furniture foam. It’s guaranteed completely free of harmful substances such as:-
Formaldehyde (a human carcinogen)
Phthalates (a plasticiser used to soften PVC)
PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a manufactured plastic)
BPA (a carbon-based synthetic)

Plus every TOPDOG Comfit bed comes with a replaceable, breathable water resistant liner and microsuede cover, to protect the memory foam from moisture, stains and odour. 

Memory  foam dog beds - any queries?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us . Alternatively, call us in Australia (07) 3392 8831 / 0400765586. Or if you’ve already decided to give your dog the very best in sleep support, shop now.